Frequently Asked Questions

About The Art Collab (TAC)

TAC is a collective of individuals that create art in collaborative ways to advance their profession and monetize their work.

We work with individuals mainly from the backgrounds of modelling, photography, makeup and hair, visual art, clothing design, and graphic design, just to name a few. Through our collaboration approach, we are open to a wide variety of skills, because everybody has something to bring to the table.

We offer you a safe space to develop your ideas. Tools and resources to make your vision come alive. As well as a wide network of open minded people which you can meet and collaborate with at events or online in our Clubhouse Chat room

We offer beginners a chance to explore their creative side. You don’t have to be a professional in anything to try. Only way you will know if you like something or not is if you try. You can do that with us free of judgement and criticism. So come and join our community!

Our roots are in Toronto but the sky’s the limit.
We are open to all cities to shoot in because we know wherever we go there will be people to collaborate with. We like to call ourselves nomads because we work in new spaces all the time; we hit studios, check out nature spots, and find cool locations all around our community.


Yes – you can definitely make money at TAC; we can hire you as an in-house photographer if you step up your game and people like your work. If third party companies are looking for models we offer them a roster where you can be invited to work with them. You can also sell your products or services on our CollabX shop page for a low commission rate.

Becoming a part of TAC

Join TAC by filling out our form and boom you’re on-board of our awesome community! From now on you will be invited to all our events and receive all the exclusive perks of being a Collaborator. 

It costs $0 to join – the door is open for you NOW sign up. Once you’re on the list you get invited to our photoshoots and networking events; each event has its own special admission price.

There is zero commitment as a community-member. Just be sure to get your event-tickets early because spots fill up fast. As soon as you have booked a ticket, your role & commitment for this date should be clear.

At the collaborative photoshoots you will always have a voice and you will be heard! If you are uncomfortable: speak out! If you have an idea on how else we can do something: speak out! All ideas are valid and will be discussed to see if everyone is on board.
As for the overall community and organizational development of TAC, “A” class shareholders of TAC have a right to vote in shareholder meetings, this is where one may participate in decision making.


Networking is the action or process of interacting with others to exchange information and develop professional or social contacts. First, of course, you must be in a setting where there are people to network with, that’s why we host these photoshoots as networking events where you get a chance to meet people you probably wouldn’t meet in other places. It’s the perfect place for Creators and Collaborators looking to expand their network of multifaceted artists.

By joining TAC you get personally invited to all the spaces that are flooded with artists. Just come check it out for yourself. sign up

Also by utilizing technology you can easily find Collaborators on the web. It just takes one conversation where you find common interests with someone. Don’t be afraid to contact people and tell them your vision.

If you see someone’s work online or get to know someone during an event, don’t be afraid to approach them directly through a conversation! Be clear on what exactly you want to execute by coming together with this person or people. Think about what it is they can bring to the project and present what it is you can bring.

The best way to communicate an idea is usually through mood boards or concept boards. Mood boards and concept boards are used to give a specific direction for how you want the project to go; including garment styles, colours schemes, settings and tone of the work. 


A model is a person or thing that represents a brand and it’s values. A model conveys a message to the public by the way they carry themselves, what they wear and how they wear it.

A) You can walk into a bunch of agencies and see which one likes you enough to put you on the roster.
B) You can advertise yourself online and offline as a freelance model. This way you can have people message you or you can message photographers and brands to talk about a rate that fits both parties.

C) And then there’s our non-traditional way, which may be the least expensive when building a portfolio: Join our collaborative photoshoots to get 5-8 new photos for your portfolio! The best part is: In contrast to traditional modelling, with us you have a voice in the creative direction (prefered hairstyle, fitted or loose clothes, etc.) Fill out a sign-up form to get started as a model at our next shoot! 

Agencies might turn you down, telling you you are “not tall enough” or you are “too tall”. Yea, we don’t do that here. We know that modelling isn’t about what you look like but how you feel in that moment of representing a brand and it’s values! Any height is welcome.

First, you’ll need a portfolio. Like a regular job, people that look to hire you want to see the previous work you have done to see if you’d be the right  fit for the position. Develop a diverse portfolio by coming to many TAC Collaborative Shoots. 

Once you have content to share you can start by emailing small or big companies for brand deals or you can search the web (Facebook groups, Whatsapp groups, Instagram) to find people looking for models in your area that fit your description.

Practice makes perfect. Even if you are shy and nervous at first just get in front of the backdrop and start posing. Don’t know what poses work best? Don’t worry because we always have at least two professional models willing to show the newbies a trick or two. That’s our Collaboration approach: We help each other improve to get a desired outcome.

First join TAC as a Collaborator by filling out our sign up form, then wait for the next event, purchase a ticket and come to the shoot. We always provide either garments from designers or style concepts for you to dress yourself.


To be a photographer you’ll need a digital camera, if you don’t have that yet you can use your phone camera for now. Start off by taking pictures of the environment and people around you that agree to be in your photos. Once you begin building a portfolio tell your family, friends and colleagues what you are up to and let them know you’re open for business. Set up your prices and what kind of services packages you can provide and start building clientele from there.

When you’re beginning it’s really worth it to practice with a good quality camera, not only will your pictures look sharp but you will also gain confidence in taking more photos which results in plenty of them to show on your portfolio. We suggest a budget between $187- $300 is perfect to find an updated digital camera like the Kodak PIXPRO Astro Zoom 16MP or the 4K HD Camcorder 48MP.

You can charge clients a rate per hour or you can do pop-up studio shoots where people walk-in between an allotted time.
Also check out the possibility to become a member of TAC and earn money as part of our community! 

First join TAC as a Collaborator by filling out our sign up form, then wait for the next event, purchase a ticket and come to the shoot. We already have models, makeup artists, and creative directors at the shoot as a part of your team. We will guide you through the elements of photography that make a picture an outstanding photograph.