Do you want to set your creative potential free?
Do you want to collaborate with like minded artists?
And do you want to find an audience that will actually appreciate your work?

Imagine a community where you can come together with other artists from various backgrounds and create art which is much bigger than yourself. A family where you can find a safe space to unfold your very personal truth of who you are and what you want to express.  A collective supporting you as a beginner or to advance your professionalism in your work and create a living. Imagine a place where your artistic hearth can feel like home.

That and much more is TAC – The Art Collab.

We are a collective of creative individuals that practice different art disciplines, mainly from the backgrounds of modelling, photography, makeup and hair, visual art, clothing design, graphic design and many more. We meet throughout different events and online forums to co-create, learn from each other and expose our work.

“Our Mission is to expose the work of talented youth and young adults by providing a platform, space and resources for creative success.”

Chudear (Chu) Oyual Founder/ CEO of The Art Collaboration

Hi, I am Chu!

TAC is my dream, based on my life-long experience in the artistic field. I have always dreamt about such a community – now I have started to create it, for myself and for artists like me!

Being an artist can be hard, but by growing friendships with like minded people my self-confidence and love for my passion grew step by step.

Now I can truly say: I feel strong, doing what I love, expressing my way and contributing to our society’s diversity.

Our first event took place on May 18th, 2019 and we were fully incorporated on June 26th, 2020 and it’s been quite the journey since.

This all started when a friend of mine, Nathan Johnson, was getting into modelling and he came down to do some wardrobe shopping with me as his stylist; I had an awesome idea to get him into my other friend’s studio downtown Toronto. 

We posted it on our social media that we were having a “curated exposition” as we called it and invited people to pay an admission price to join the shoot and 8 people showed up! It was a success. 

The next shoot we hosted 25 people. Now we invited designers too and even more models and photographers showed up. But we didn’t have a makeup artist and the models didn’t feel complete. We learned what we can do better.

So at the next shoot a total of 50 people came out. There were 2 makeup artists, 3 hair stylists, 6 photographers, 6 featured designers, such a helpful team of 5 and the rest were models and bloggers. 

All in a grand white studio with a whole side for hair and makeup, a wall for designer clothes, hats and accessories, a red carpet for pictures and the most crisp backdrop to top it off. This was our 3rd shoot and by utilizing the power of social media we were able to grow our network to more than 200 people in a short span of 9 months. 

Since then 8 gatherings took place, resulting in wonderful artwork, empowered artists and closely bonded friendships.

Now it’s time to make your vision come alive! And we got your back to support you!

It’s as easy as that: Join our community  and visit our next event. If there are any questions remaining, just check out our FAQ’s  section to get more clarity about TAC!

“It’s time to create opportunities, 

rather than waiting for them to come knocking.” 

The future is ours to create. 


The Art Collaboration 

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